Get your voucher with a unique code, getting you in with the chance to get your hands on a FIFA World Cup Trophy Tourâ„¢ ticket.

There are various ways you can do this;

1. Drink Coca-Cola at any eating & drinking outlets in Valletta during January. Just look out for our Coca-Cola promoter. Dates and locations will be announced on Mycoke FB page Facebook page.

2. Drink Coca-Cola at the National Football stadium during the Valletta 18 Cup Tournament. Football matches dates to be announced on MycokeMalta Facebook page.

3. Get in with the chance to win your voucher on MyCokeMalta Facebook page.

NOTE: The voucher is the first step to getting your FIFA Trophy Tourâ„¢ ticket. Once you obtain your voucher you must register and enter the unique code onto this platform and follow the instructions accordingly.

Tickets are limited in availability. Last day to submit voucher code is 1st February.